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Thank you so much, Debra, for your compliment, however, its all in YOUR saddles and their design. The saddle I am trading in for my new Crestridge one made me sit in a horrible chair position and forced me to sit back. Which didn't help with the white spots I got from the ill fitting saddle as well as the white spots my position gave. Trust me…I have the pictures to prove just how improved your saddle made me! I should send you a before and after for my seats! I am LOVING my new saddle and I thank you so much for not only your glowing customer service, but delivering a saddle that is well balanced, quality, and EXACTLY what I needed! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Christina October 2012
Hello Deb -

I thought I'd send you a decent picture of my Crest Ridge Wade in action. This year it has been put into frequent use and it has been treating both my horse and me very well.

We are trying a new activity (for us) this year and have attended 2 ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Assoc.) rides. I was pleasantly surprised when my mare took 1st Place at the very first ride - I think she's a good trail horse, but it was nice to have it confirmed :). We then did a ride in Medora ND and she again did very well - getting a 2nd place against some stiff local competition. This picture was taken after we rode in the Medora event.

Needless to say, this saddle gets quite a few compliments.

I hope your summer has been a good one.

Susan Gjemse,  Minnesota

I finally, finally got to ride in my new Crestridge Wade Lite Saddle.  I really really like this saddle, I felt more secure in it then I did in my tucker saddle and my legs did not feel like they were being split apart.  I had no knee pain at all.  The weight of the saddle was incredible and I was able to saddle up all by myself without my shoulder hurting.  The saddle fit my Tank very well.  No dry spots...  All in all I am super happy with the saddle.   Debra I can not thank you enough for all your help.  Sandy
Ed Heim from Vancouver Washington owns Chief and his Wade saddle Wade gaited horse and mule saddle

Al Grabeic with his Wade saddle.  Al has a roping tree in his saddle and uses it for ranch work.  Al also has a Crest Ridge breast collar and rear flank strap Wade working ranch gaited horse and mule saddle


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