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These testimonials include those for the Sonata which is now sold as the Sentry Lite.  Same saddle, different name.

Wanted to show off Andrew's Sentry Lite Saddle. He loves it! 

No need for the rear cinch at all. This saddle stays in place and doesn't move on him at all! Max seems very pleased with his new saddle also.

I'm telling ya! Andrew already had a bum leg from previous injuries and then broke his kneecap back in January. Before life with Crest Ridge, his knee / leg would be in so much pain just a couple of hours into the ride and he'd just try to ride it out. But with the Sentry, he said his leg is not hurting one bit and he sits much more comfortably in the saddle. And I know Max is enjoying the saddle. It fits him like a glove!


A review posted on Horse Tack Review, May 2012

A review posted on Horse Tack Review, December 2011

A review posted on Horse Tack Review, December, 2011

Hi Debra,  I know we spoke last week after I had toodled around a bit in my new Crest Ridge Sentry saddle, and reported to you how much I liked it...but today I was able to really get out and give it a ride. Up the hills, down the hills, across the fields, up along the ridge, through the Redwoods, down along the roads, you name it, and I did it all today. And when I got back and pulled the saddle off...guess what....PERFECT sweat pattern! Totally uniform throughout. And...I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!

This is the first ride I've done in over a year and a 1/2 that my back, hips, and neck have not bothered me! By the end of the 3 hour ride, I had gotten used to the slightly narrower twist then what I was accustomed to with my Broken Horn Stock saddle, and now just really LOVE it!  I can't wait for my next ride! My only regret is that I did not find your saddles a few years ago!

Have a wonderful weekend!  All the best, Terri Thornton & Mr. Russell

Debra is a pleasure to talk with. I really loved the look of the Wade style saddles, but when I sent in pictures of my horse with measurements, she thought he would go better in a Sentry. Now, if I had just gone with an in stock wade saddle from another company, I believe in time I would be buying again. I got to pick out the color of my saddle and the type of stirrups that I wanted and it was hand made by Amish and delivered in 4 weeks. Seriously, this is a great saddle at a great price. If you look at other brands, like Circle Y, you cannot get the same quality for this price. This saddle puts me in a nicely centered riding position. Due to all the flooding here, I've only done a few short test rides, but I am loving this saddle.

Here are pictures of my Crest Ridge Sentry saddle on my quarter horse. The pictures do not show how beautiful in person this saddle really is. And little details, like the quality of the quick snaps on the reins is truly impressive. Debbie F.


Crest Ridge Sentry on a Quarter Horse Crest Ridge Sentry on a Quarter Horse Hesa Smoke Cash, "Cash"
14 year-old quarter horse
I will also add that one of my problems in riding the QH in my Circle Y was my back would hurt after I rode. Well, after the three rides I've had this week, my back does NOT hurt. Love, love, love this saddle. Debbie F.

Thanks Debra. My horse is Ginger and she is a 12 year old TWH. The pictures were taken in Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.
Ronald B.
Crest Ridge Sentry Saddle

Debra, I ordered the sentry saddle a month or so ago. I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I train many different size gaited horses, and so far, it has fit so many of them very well. No one has gotten sore or any rubs. Same goes for me. I would many times get rubs from riding so long, but not anymore. It is so comfortable and puts you right in the correct riding position. I already had one of my clients also order one from you. Gaye Derusso Crest Ridge Sentry by Gaye Derusso  Crest Ridge Sentry by Gaye Derusso

Hey Deb, this is Mary Alice Seago, Mansfield, LA. Just an update on my friend Joanne who bought a new Sentry Saddle from you before Christmas. She is 65 years old and right now is on the Old Spanish Trail Ride from Logansport, LA to Houston, TX. This is a 216 mile highway trip done in seven days averaging 30 miles a day. It is usually done on two horses swapping out at lunch. They did get snowed and sleeted on on Tuesday. Anyway she is really bragging how well her saddle has done for her and the horse. One foxtrotter she rides has always gaulded badly in the past. So far no gaulding and no saddle soreness. The trip is a real test to see if your saddle fits your horse. I am proud that she bought the saddle and doesn't regret it. She will get the oldest rider this year.

I got my Sonata on Monday and just finished riding Star in it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it!  Beautiful saddle!  Thank you so very much!  It fits her great and she looks gorgeous under it!  I was worried that I'd have to send it back to resize this or adjust that but I won't have to!  I love that the fenders move freely.  I love that the seat is comfy and when I get off her it doesn't feel like I've been sitting on wood and I feel snug in it. I love that it's light weight yet still gives you the comfort and safety of a heavier saddle.  Star moved into her gaits very nicely with no restrictions on her shoulder movement. I didn't get any complaints out of her.  I think she likes it.  No, I know she does!    Thank you!    Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Remona Seckinger  

A picture of Miss Lil' (aka Lily) in her Crest Ridge saddle. We're doing great and love our saddle. Thanks Deb! Tawnya N. Sonata by Crest Ridge Saddlery

I recently purchased a used Sonata for my Fat – Mutton Withered Rocky Mountain Horse. I have ridden for 40 years and I must say I LOVE THIS SADDLE... Not only do I like the way it fits her and her gaiting is great – but I love the way it sits me in the saddle. I will be selling my $1,350. Tucker and am replacing it with my used $300 Crest Ridge. Debbie Backes

I am so excited about this saddle I am not sure where to start to thank you. I bought this from you back in November but wasn’t able to test ride in it until recently thanks to my mare injuring herself.

What a great fit! My little 14.3hh Moriesian has a draft size back and after working with you sending pictures and measurements back and forth we finally decided to go with your draft tree. Great choice, since she’s been out of work with the injury so she’s chunked up a bit and the saddle fits beautifully now with just a wool blanket. There’s plenty of potential to use a saddle pad when she starts to get back into shape.

Even with a plain wool blanket the saddle fits well, doesn’t pinch or ride high and has nice even weight distribution. The best part is it doesn’t roll on her mutton withered table top back!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I don’t even need to do a V-cinch, just regular cinching and I don’t get a roll. I don’t end up having to cinch it up tight either which my mare is very thankful for. I haven’t had issues with it sliding forward yet since we’re not doing heavy work but incase it does you have a great crupper attachment! It will probably come in handy when we start hill work or long rides.

The saddle is great for me too! I’m 6’2” and there are more than enough adjustments for my long legs with loads of room to spare in each direction. The seat is very secure and puts me in the correct “dressage” position instead of the chair seat I usually get with saddles. I really enjoy the hybrid between leather and synthetic materials. Leather in all the places you want it yet synthetic to help keep the weight down. Brilliant!

What a great saddle and thank you so much for your time to make sure I got one that fit just right. I am so thrilled with it I show everyone that comes over and am proud to tell them where I got it. Great job! Lindsay


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