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Hi, Deb! I want you to know that the more I ride my Ovation, the MORE I love it. One of my friends even said that it seems to fit all the different walking horses I have been riding. It is definitely the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned. Voodoo seems to love it too. She just goes and goes with it, and as of yet, I don't think I have ever noticed her back being sore at all.

I am looking for another TWH and of course that means, I will probably be bringing another horse down for fitting in the spring! Linda French November 2012

I've been using my Ovation saddle for a few months on my boy Blue and have been absolutely thrilled with it (the first saddle to fit my round, table-top naturally gaited Kentucky Mountain perfectly, without sliding back / forth, or side to side, at all, ever!) - The chiropractor happened to be out for some other horses where I board. I had him checked, even though I was certain nothing was out on my boy's back, etc - And sure enough, for the first time, NO adjustments were needed - my boy's back is doing great in this saddle. This makes me very confident in recommending this saddle to others. Debra, I can't thank you enough - Riding on the trails, cantering in the arena - All of it is a breeze and a pleasure for both me and my horse, now that I have a saddle that fits and remains in place! Rebecca Mandeville November 2012  
Pepper wearing his ovation saddle and breast collar. We also have a CR headstall but I wanted to ride in a snaffle this day so it was not a complete set. Oh plus a pad from CR also. I need some cards to give out because I get asked so many times what kind of saddle is this.  Ronnie Bertinot November 2012 Photo: Pepper wearing his ovation saddle and breast collar. We also have a CR headstall but I wanted to ride in a snaffle this day so it was not a complete set. Oh plus a pad from CR also. I need some cards to give out because I get asked so many times what kind of saddle is this.

A customer review on from October 2012

Debra, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Ovation saddle. More importantly, Winter Hawk is very pleased. It fits him better than any saddle I have seen. This is an excellent saddle. Now that we have tried it for a while it is even more comfortable and I appreciate the solid centered feeling it has.

I would recommend Crest Ridge to anyone that wants a well made perfect fitting saddle. Thank you for all the time you took to make sure the saddle was right for the horse and the rider. The emails and telephone calls demonstrated that you definitely mean what you say about being sure the saddle fits and the customer is happy.

I am also very happy with the saddle pad. It is a high quality pad that works very well with the saddle. It definitely gives Winter Hawk a comfortable cushion. He acts like the pad and saddle are not there. He has never objected to either one. When he is unsaddled there is a perfect outline of the saddle and all hair is smooth and evenly damp. The vented top is great to keep him from getting overheated.

Thank you again for your excellent products and service. I will definitely look to you when it is time for a saddle for Diamond.

Cordially, Mike Norris

Dear Debra:  It fits not one but two horses!

Yesterday I tried the white towel test on the little horse we originally wanted this for but we had problems. The trainer generally has been the person riding her and she's grown up around western saddles so we figured we would have her work her to get the imprint. She didn't feel comfortable in the saddle, she felt like her leg was being forced back and she was rolling onto her pelvis bones.

Today, Karen came and showed me with her infra-red machine that the saddle fits the little horse perfectly and she showed me the center fire way of cinching her which brought the saddle down in the back. We then tried it on my regular horse, also a Morgan and it fit her beautifully and so I then rode in it to see if it fit me. Karen showed me that one of the reasons Heather's legs were in the wrong place was that the fenders hadn't gotten pulled up under the saddle and once she had tugged them down, did the center fire girthing, it was all perfect, comfortable, and my legs were in exactly the right place!

Thanks so much--I can't wait to try it out on the trails this spring.  SallyAnne McCartin

Hi - The saddle is a PERFECT fit for my Foxtrotter. It is a PERFECT fit for me. Please tell the Amish craftsmen how pleased I am with their work. It is just a beautiful piece of art as well as a comfortable fit for me and for Karli. I just can't get over how wonderfully it fits her!! GREAT JOB ALL!!!! THANKS - Pat and Karli .

Deb, Thanks for all of your help is finally finding a saddle for Ziggy, my mutton withered round-barreled Missouri Fox Trotter. We had tried many saddles, rigging systems, breast collars and pads with Ziggy trying to find something to keep her saddle from sliding around. Your recommendation of an Ovation saddle with breeching and one of your saddle pads did the trick. Ziggy is happy and everyone who rides her comments on how comfortable the saddle is. John

Hi Debra, I am writing to say thank you. I received my ovation saddle back after the customization of the stirrup fender length and it is perfect. I could not be more pleased. My mare, Piper, and I went on a 5 hour trail ride this week for the first time in over four years. Due to knee pain and a sore behind with my old saddle, I have been keeping my rides to under 2 hours. For the first time, I had no knee pain and Piper was very willing to go at all gaits over rough terrain. As if comfort and fit for my horse isn’t enough, the saddle is also beautiful. Also, the felt saddle pad you recommended is perfect. The pad is exactly what I needed for that saddle.

I attended a three day horsemanship clinic with my husband this past weekend. Although my mare was not there I had the opportunity to tell several people who spoke of having difficulty getting a saddle to fit their horse about your company.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your products are excellent quality and your customer service is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. Kathleen

Debra, This was the table top flat backed, no withers horse. I used to ride sideways in a saddle, not anymore! This saddle was a lifesaver for me and Nate. Not sure if he is happy, he is now my main trail horse, I never leave home without him! Here is Nate a Reg. 8 year old TWH, in Arkansas in the Spring of 2011. He has one of your pads, girth and Crusade light saddle in the photo. Melanie B. Texas

My Kentucky Mountain mare is now six. I started riding her as a three-year-old using a Bighorn Gaited Flex-tree saddle. This saddle fitted her nicely to begin with and was really comfortable for me, and we were soon out on the trail and gaiting well. But as time passed Holly stopped doing the four-beat lateral gait in favor of a pace, and she argued with me more and more, especially when I insisted she gait. She frightened me a few times by spooking, shying or spinning and I began to wonder if I was too old, at sixty, to continue with such a young horse. I was close to giving up. Then the hair over Holly’s loins started wearing away. That’s when I realized that saddle fit was at least part of the problem. Holly had grown from a slender three year-old to a broader five year-old. And I failed to notice. By this time Holly’s right hip was noticeably lower than the left.

A friend recommended I contact Debra at Crest Ridge. Debra didn’t try to sell me a saddle…she said that my first priority should be to get an equine chiropractor to address the hip alignment. I did this and confirmed that Holly’s spine was badly out of alignment in several places. No wonder she was crabby and wouldn’t gait well. She couldn’t!

Eventually, after many emails and phone calls, photographs and measurements I placed my order with Debra for an Extra-wide Ovation with matching headstall, split reins and one-inch felt saddle pad. The waiting was the hardest part! But it was worth it. The quality of the Crest Ridge workmanship is second to none, absolutely beautiful and far superior to the Bighorn. The Ovation is shorter in length than the Bighorn, too, and therefore a much better fit for the Mountain horses who tend to have short backs. Also the Ovation is lighter in weight than the Bighorn and easier for me to lift. Yet there is nothing flimsy about either saddle or bridle. There is substance to both. I’m sure they will outlast me and my horse!

Because Holly had completely lost the gait she required some professional retraining, as well as chiropractic adjustments, but she is now gaiting beautifully and is everything I always wanted in a horse. She is an alpha mare but yields herself to my aids without the attitude and arguments she previously displayed. She is obviously comfortable now so has no need to complain. She also looks lovely in her new tack and we get many complements on the trail. I am a very happy Crest Ridge customer.

Thank you Crest Ridge for making such a high quality saddle for the gaited horse and for taking the time to ensure that both horse and rider are satisfied.

Jenny Bowen, Stouffville, Ontario


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