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We won the 12 mile CTR on Vashon Island, WA.  on September 22,2012    Marta wearing her Crestridge Crusade.   The most comfortable saddle!

Valerie Vigesaa



I wanted to touch base for a couple of reasons. First, thank you for making such an excellent saddle as my Crest Ridge Crusade. I haven't had a chance to call and thank you for your help. My wide backed mutton withered Rocky had such a hard time finding saddles to fit and this one works great.
Combine that with his Supra Cinch and he doesn't have any cinching problems at all any more. With other saddles he seemed to be resenting being saddled and cinched and I am sure it was because he was uncomfortable. I just finished a 150 mile horseback wagon train ride from Buffalo SD to Deadwood SD and due to a variety of circumstances ended up riding 5 different horses during the ride as well as 5 different saddles...2 of them custom made saddles. When I sat back into my Crest Ridge on the final day it was like sitting in padded rocking chair. What a relief. Next year I am riding my own horse the whole way in my Crest Ridge saddle!

Thanks!  Les Voorhis

Dear Debra and Sarah,

Here Is Champ in his custom made Crest Ridge saddle and breast collar and saddle pad. It fits him wonderful and he has been riding great now. No refusing to go forward and so on. No more saddle slipping and sliding either. It is a very comfy saddle for me also. It is such a pretty trail saddle and I get a lot of compliments on it. His Crest Ridge headstall and braided reins are also wonderful. Champ and I Love everything. I highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks Again!


Carla Houston



Hi ya Debra & Sarah,

I will need to send you a picture of the Crusade on Coppy - the Standardbred fella. I use it with the felt pad's I got off ya's. I got the Supracinch recently. Due to all the wet weather we have been getting, I haven't been able to as much riding, the ground actually has become that boggy. Anyway, back to my story. Just had to send you an email, about how awesome the Crusade combined with the wool felt pad from Crest Ridge is on a Short backed, roached backed and a rather round sort of belly (even when he is fit) Standardbred. You forget at times, the freedom the horse gives you when you ride. You know those day's, where you could ride all day? Sunday was like that, and the fact that Coppy was moving beautifully under the saddle, and Cantering along and reaching forward into the canter. Which he won't do with an Australian Stock Saddle (Australian Made) or the Wintec Range of Saddles (ie. Isabell & Stock Saddle). Basically he was having a ball, going from a trot into a canter, and then picking up speed in the canter, and when I asked him to whoa up, there was no need to use the reins, and even better, he went back into a trot, where as generally with the other saddles, he would go back into a pace. Plus I feel so super balanced in this saddle, and ride along on a loose rein, as even if he did shy, I can feel my weight evenly distributed on my seat bones, and down to the balls of my feet.
Just wanted to share with you the positive riding experience I have had in the Crusade, and how as a rider you truly appreciate such a great saddle.
Have a truly awesome week-end.
Cheers. Wendy.  Brisbane, Australia July 2012

Hi Debra,

All I can say is wow! What a saddle! It is so comfortable and balanced that I wish I had ordered it months ago. I had a professional saddle fitter in my area come out to see it because my TWH mare stands downhill and every other saddle I've had with her had to be adjusted accordingly. Not only did the saddle not have to be altered in any way, my saddle fitter was really impressed with the quality and way it fit Libby so perfectly. She was certainly not expecting to find a fully synthetic saddle to be so nice. She has since referred several of her other clients to me to check out the saddle for their gaited horses, which she obviously would not do if she thought it was poor, or even mediocre.
The first Crusade Ultra-Lite saddle
The padding in the seat is wonderful and takes "comfortable" to a new level. I was thoroughly surprised and delighted to find how well I could move with Libby in this saddle. I have chronic low back problems, and in my last saddle I had to get in two-point position to ride the canter. I assumed it was just because my back is stiff. My first ride in your saddle proved that the saddle makes all the difference as my hips and back flowed with Libby's every stride, at every gait. Libby is obviously much more comfortable too and lets me know that she is happy to move out whenever I want.

While the saddle itself is impressive, I feel that your customer service is also to be commended. I was really amazed that you were willing to make a first-of-its-kind saddle for me, when you did not previously offer a fully synthetic saddle for sale. I am so appreciative of your doing so, especially after you told me the many hours of extra work required to find quality materials and learn to work with them. I realized how committed you were to creating a quality product when I called to ask about when I might expect to receive the saddle. You explained that it was taking a little longer than originally expected because of the techniques you were learning, and that you were unwilling to ship the saddle until you were satisfied that it was put together perfectly. When you told me that you would *NOT* send a saddle that was junk, as many fully synthetic saddles are, I was very impressed. Well, Debra, you certainly achieved making an exceptional saddle that also has the many benefits of synthetic materials. Suffice it to say that my mare and I are both thrilled with the saddle, and expect to enjoy it for years to come. If you ever decide to design ergonomic office chairs I would purchase one in a heartbeat!

Many thanks,

Patty Sobel


I want to let you know how much I really really appreciate my saddle and how very very happy I am. As you know I was very nervous about purchasing a saddle from the USA to come to Australia, I sent the measurements over of the horse, and was advised that the Crusade would be the best suited for my horse. I had to think about this as, I am used to an Australian Stock saddle, but after careful consideration the Crusade was purchased, without the horn. It was a truly awesome purchasing experience, can't put into words how I appreciated the honesty and integrity of your crew.

Then when it was discovered, that Australia Post does not accept parcels over a certain size, you offered to refund all of money for the saddle and the other gear I ordered and Crest Ridge had made. I didn't want my money back, I wanted to get the saddle, so the effort you fella's went to, then to discover that to send it via one of Parcel services was really expensive, again you offered to refund my money. Which again I refused, as I really wanted the saddle. So the saddle was sent, I was so excited, every day checking the tracking number, it was held up in customs, which again, Debra you were wonderful, you assisted me through that process, and the saddle arrived.

I opened the box, the saddle was wrapped in a plastic bag, pulled it out...Oh my goodness, what a beautiful saddle. Then I pulled out the breast collar, bridle & reins, all wrapped up and greased. Far too good to be used on a horse....Within 3 maybe 4 days, you were chasing me down via e-mail wanting to see picture's of the horse with the saddle on, and to see a white cloth after the saddle was used on the horse. Just to ensure that the saddle fitted properly.

Not sure how long it is since I have brought the saddle, but I just wanted to let you know how well it fits my horse, and when I take him for a ride, how comfortable it is to sit in, and how good it is to ride a horse with a saddle that doesn't hurt his back. If you want to feel safe & secure and want to deal with honest people who care about your horse - give Crest Ridge a call. I will be when I need another saddle!

Debra, if any one would like to contact me via e-mail, I would be quite happy to answer any of their questions.

Thanking you.

Wendy Kiemann & Luigi the happy horse.

Tiffany Whited's Indy with her Crusade saddle on a family vacation to Tres Peidras, New Mexico.


After almost giving up on find a saddle to fit me and my horse, I found Crest Ridge Saddlery. I purchased a $1200 Crusade direct from Crest Ridge. Saddle fit is not a "one size fits all" or even a "ten sizes fits all" proposition. It is a subtle and complicated art form that takes time and care. It took me three months of research to find this saddle. I've learned a lot and it was worth the effort.

My horse is small and short backed and I am 6 ft. tall. I needed a saddle with a shorter tree and yet with a larger seat. Try and find this anywhere else. This saddle was essentially my only choice. But, it was also good looking, well constructed, and well appointed. The construction of my Crusade Elite and quality is excellent. How can they sell it so inexpensively?

Debra at Crest Ridge is the "energizer bunny" of saddle fit. She keeps going and going, and going until you have a saddle that really fits your horse and you have the right equipment to go with it. Be prepared to send pictures of your horse, and to work with Debra until you get it right. Even months in to owning this saddle, Debra is still working with me on little things I have discovered over time that I need help with. If you buy a Crest Ridge Saddle and don't like something about it, don't complain to the world, talk to Debra. She will go out of her way to make it right. Seth in Terlingua

Debra, This was the table top flat backed, no withers horse. I used to ride sideways in a saddle, not anymore! This saddle was a lifesaver for me and Nate. Not sure if he is happy, he is now my main trail horse, I never leave home without him! Here is Nate a Reg. 8 year old TWH, in Arkansas in the Spring of 2011. He has one of your pads, girth and Crusade light saddle in the photo. Melanie B. Texas

I want you to see how well it (Crusade Lite) suited us and is perfectly fitted. He was 3 1/2 at the time of the picture, his name is Maverick and he is a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse coming up 5 this year. As soon as I put it on his back he gaited much better. We both love the saddle and the best part for me was there was no working it in. From the 1st ride to my ride now it's like a hundred year old rocking chair. Maverick and I ride on average 5-6 hours during the winter in a week either trail riding or schooling and about 6-10 hours on a regular week when we aren't away for long week-ends or week long camping trips during our riding season April-October. On average I spend 5-6 hours a ride in the saddle and never walk away with a saddle sore for either him or I. I got Maverick off Dolly and Jessica Puccia of Bonnieview Farms who now have a saddle on order from you by my satisfaction which is due to arrive in a week or two. Debbie K. Ontario

Crusade Lite with Crest Ridge 5 Star Saddle Pad    Crusade Lite with Crest Ridge 5 Star Saddle Pad

I have known Debra through the internet for years, but just never had occasion to need a new saddle until now. I already knew that Debra goes above and beyond on Customer service, but now have experienced it first hand.

Crusade Lite gaited horse saddle    Crusade Lite gaited horse saddle  Kysa and Savannah

I decided to get a new saddle for my hopefully done growing 7 year old Mountain horse. When I first e-mailed Deb to ask questions, my horse was across a flooded creek and I could not get to her to measure her. Debra said “most Mountain horses will measure 8 and 12.25 at the points of interest.” Deb then spent several days e-mailing and answering every question and making good suggestions for fitting my horse and me. Well, the creek subsided, and I measured my horse--and Savanna was exactly 8 and 12.25 at the two points! We settled on a Crusade Lite, for the correct tree for my horse and lighter weight for me.

I was anxious for a saddle that fit my Savanna, so I asked Deb what she had in stock in a 15W in a Crusade Lite. She offered one of her saddles on “scratch and dent” sale. This saddle had a supracore seat--something I would not have gotten if I had custom ordered. Deb shipped it immediately, and I have seen more scratches and dents on saddles sold for full price.

My horse is happy, my bottom is happy, and Deb’s customer service simply cannot be beat. And it is a nice well made saddle that fits my horse perfectly. Kysa Gilkerson, South Dakota

Just want to say thank you for a saddle that FINALLY FITS my Arabian.  I'd gone through five saddles, and my new Crusade Lite fits her great!  No dry spots, no curled up hairs, and she is much more relaxed and forward under saddle.  Huge thanks . Endurance Granny 

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did working with me to fit my husband's large wide haflinger Blue with a new saddle. Poor Blue had suffered for about three years while we tried several different saddles on him from various saddle companies and nothing really fit him. By the time I called you Blue was being treated by an equine chiropractor for a very sore back. The service that you provided was far above anything I would expect from a saddle company and you really know western saddle fit. You certainly hadn't caused Blue's sore back yet you worked with me and the chiropractor over several weeks, exchanging photos, measurements, and phone calls with the chiropractor and me until you were able to provide us with a Crusade saddle made on a tree that fits Blue and is comfortable for my husband to ride.

We have been using the saddle for about a month now and the change in Blue is amazing! He is no longer a resistant, high-headed horse with a hollow back. Instead, he is moving with a relaxed head and neck , and has much smoother gaits and transitions. I am sure that if Blue could talk he would say THANK YOU DEBRA!

In retrospect I should have called you sooner since you fit my small haflinger mare, Piper, with your ovation saddle 2 years ago. I have received many compliments on the saddle and how well it fits both me and Piper. I am sure we will have our Crestridge saddles for many years to come but if we ever need another saddle you will be our first call. Best, Kathleen
Crusade saddle June 2010


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